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Slashdot   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
News for the nerd. Slashdot is many things to many people. Some people think its a Linux site. To others, its a geek hangout. Linux, Legos, Penguins, Sci (both real and fiction). If youve been reading Slashdot, you know what the subjects commonly are and that ocassionally subjects might deviate. Serving about 80 million pages a month, Slashdot has widespread reach.
Roland_Piquepailles_Technology_Trends   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Discusses and publishes how new technologies are modifying our way of life. Roland Piquepaille is a computer consultant who has specialized in high performance computing and visualization. He can be reached at Phone: +33 1 45 57 49 61. Roland lives in Paris, France.
Mypapit_GNU/Linux_Blog   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
My name is Mohammad Hafiz bin Ismail, and I assumed the nickname Mypapit or papit while on the internet. Iíve graduated from University of Technology Malaysia in BSc (Hons) Computer Science. I mainly use Debian GNU/Linux for my day-to-day work and use this blog for reviews about GNU/Linux distros and personal projects.
Tom_Markiewicz   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Thoughts on technology, software, and business... Tom Markiewicz is the President & CEO of EvolvePoint, Inc., a technology firm in Blacksburg, Virginia. EvolvePoint provides software solutions and consulting services. The company is currently working on innovative web-based software for weblogs, RSS, and content management.
Talks_On_Technology_-_ToT   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
ToT is a blog for current and emerging tech, tech trends, and tech news.
Ensamblando_Ideas   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Tech reviews a cargo de Omar Cisneros.
Hot_Points_-_A_Blog_By_Go_Daddy_Founder   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Hot Points, a Web log (blog) by Bob Parsons, founder and president of, discusses hot Internet and political issues, plus the latest developments at industry-leading domain registrar
SpaceBlog_Alpha   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
SpaceBlog Alpha is a collaborative Blogzine committed to gathering, sorting and disseminating global space and technology news and information meant to inspire everyone who looks up at the star filled sky to see, not darkness, distance and cold, but an endless sea of life; adventure, opportunity and the destiny of all humankind.
Digital_Broadcasters_Vendor_News   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Provides coverage and comment on the digital content and digital software / hardware to broadcasters (cable, broadband, satellite, terrestrial radio and TV stations, internet broadcasters) in the Asia Pacific area. This RSS ATOM supported service is in addition to, the regular newsletter serving more than 30000 industry executives.
Rahuls_Digital_World   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
A place to find all the latest technical information in an interesting manner and all the current things which will fulfill your reading apetite.

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