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Linda_Salazars_Awaken_The_Genie_Within   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Practical Strategies for Magical Results! To assist people in quieting their inner Gremlin, waking up to the Genie within, harmonizing with their Soul, and learning to play in life by their hearts desire.
Thinking_Time   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Thoughts on life with a bias towards philosophy... I am, because I Blog.
Web4health_Mental_Health_Advice   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Mental health advice with information about healthy nuitrition, eating disorders, obesity, depression, anxiety, adhd and other topics of psychiatry and psychology.
What_is_Buspar?   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Buspar is an anti-anxiety medicine. Buspar affects chemicals in your brain that may become unbalanced and cause anxiety. Buspar is used to reduce fear, tension, and anxiety associated with anxiety disorders.
Frankly_Phobic   (edit - tags - save)
Fighting against the stigma around depression and other mental illnesses against the attitudes that make some
Shy_And_Quiet   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
A 35 year old male living with social anxiety.
Autism_Report   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
In this report on autism, I have detailed the underlying caues of autism and researched most effective natural therapies that will best help an individual address the underlying symptoms.
Help_Me_Overcome_BD   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
I'm a 26 years old male with Bipolar illness (maniac depresive disorder). I was diagnosed when i was 13. My life isn't great. I tried to work in many places but I can't manage it. Every 2 - 3 months I quit. Its like a clock whenever 2nd or 3rd month comes along, my depresion clicks in and then I can't do anything. I sleep for 18 hours a day or more. Please donate.
Empower_Hour   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Tips & Quips; Notes & Quotes; Information & Inspiration --- All aimed at assisting you in achieving a life filled with ever-increasing joy, creativity, authenticity and Empowerment!
Drug_Treatment_and_Drug_Rehab   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Drug Treatment Center, Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment information and resources. The Drug Treatment Centers blog is a place where people can discuss the nature of drug addiction and alcoholism and get support.

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