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She_Craves   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Food life and anxiety from the Jell-O belt. About me: I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. My kitchen is 4800 feet above sea level. I play here on weekends and nights. And on weekdays, my universe consists of a very bland office and a very stale office desk. Writing and editing pays the bills. Most of which consist of restaurant and grocery receipts. I dream a lot. Mostly about food.
From_The_Pantry   (edit - tags - save)
A food blog based in Los Angeles about cooking, baking and eating. About me: I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian in los angeles (going to med school next year!) who loves to cook, read and daydream...
Sweetnicks   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Thoughts and musings related to food and life as I know it. I am a female living in New Jersey, United States. Cooking, creating recipes and entertaining are some of the things I like the most...
Eat_Stuff   (edit - tags - save)
A girl a guy and a cat eating stuff around Sydney Australia, then writing about it.
A_Veggie_Venture   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Every day, a vegetable cooked in a new way. Why? Because our diets need more vegetables. Because vegetables are too often an after-thought. And because it's easy to get stuck in a veggie rut. By Alanna from St Louis, MO.
Cooking_With_Amy   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Based in San Francisco, Cooking with Amy publishes original food writing providing recipes, restaurant and product reviews, interviews, essays and insight into culinary news.
Annes_Food   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
All about food and cooking - writer is a Swedish girl in Stockholm. Anne, who lives in Stockholm, Sweden, just loves food. She loves reading about it, writing about it, cooking and of needless to say, eating. Also enjoys reading other people's blogs too - for fun, mostly food blogs...
Culinarily_Obsessed   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
The chronicles of a food-obsessed southern girl, who loves to buy new kitchen gadgets, & fancies herself a baker.
Tummyrumble   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Stuff I eat and read. Food for the body and mind.
Gastronomy_Domine   (edit - subscribe - tags - save)
Recipes, reviews and the ruination of my waistline. Writing from Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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